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Development pipeline

Oxilio’s strategy of repurposing an existing drug has the major advantage of leveraging a substantial body of registration and post-registration, real life use, data.  We already know a great deal about the existing drug in terms of its safety and tolerability (side effect profile) at its indicated dose and dosing regimen.


Our approach to drug repurposing sets us apart from most other repurposing companies.  We aim to repurpose existing drugs through optimisation of the formulation, dose and dosing regimen in order to maximise efficacy in the new indication and minimise side effects.


Our pre-clinical and clinical development programmes are being designed to satisfy all aspects of drug safety and efficacy associated with optimal formulation, dose and dosing regimen in the treatment of cancer.  The programmes are informed by our advanced formulation and modelling/simulation work.

Development Pipeline graphic 2.png
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