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4 April 2024

Oxilio accepted into CMS EquIP programme

18 September 2023

Acquisition of Nuformix plc patents

20 June 2023

Oxilio announces successful completion of its first clinical trial with OXL001

6 November 2022

Oxilio announces start of its first clinical trial with OXL001

29 September 2022

UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and
Research Ethics Committee (REC) approval for OXL001 clinical trials

14 April 2022

Launch of Oxilio's ESG policy 

7 April 2022

Oxilio approves 100 for 1 share capital subdivision

30 March 2022

Acquisition of LSHS Consulting Ltd. to secure IP and drug development expertise

28 March 2022

New Registered Address:   Please note this is now 3 Danebrook Court, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1 LQ

21 February 2022

Oxilio OXL001 formulation optimisation and clinical trial preparation contract with Quotient Sciences

14 February 2022

Clinical evaluation of Oxilio's first novel formulation of OXL001 to commence in partnership with TRx Biosciences

8 February 2022

Cocrystal formulation optimisation work commissioned with Quotient Sciences

20 October 2021

Licence agreement with TRx Biosciences Limited

13 September 2021

Licence agreement with Nuformix plc

22 March 2021

Exercise of exclusive option agreement with Nuformix plc

13 January 2021

MOU and Heads of Terms agreement with TRX Biosciences Limited (formerly Biocopea Ltd)

23 September 2020

Exclusive option agreement with Nuformix plc

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